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By | 21 mai 2007

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It is often annoying to navigate windows explorer to search for work directories. Especially in open / save as… style dialog boxes, when programs impose you a complicated working directory.

Here are 2 simple but efficient solutions to help access them instantly :

  • Create a directory “#folders” on the desktop which contains shortcuts to folders
  • Use Folder Guide

1 Create a directory “#folders” on the desktop which contains shortcuts to folders

Have you ever noticed that each folder created on the desktop is showed at first level in windows explorer trees?

As a proof, let’s create a directory #folders on the desktop. Then, let’s open Windows Explorer.
Here is the result :

Répertoires toujours instantanément accessibles

If you place inside this folder your shortcuts to each work directory, you will need only one step to access them instead of struggling. Convenient, right?

It works also for “open / save as…” directories :

Ca marche aussi dans le menu enregistrer sous

Furthermore, you can configure the program Launchy to index the directory #folders. Which makes any work directory instantly accessible !

2 Using Folder Guide

A second solution is to use Folder Guide. This free tiny utility adds an entry in windows explorer contextual menu (accessible by right clicking).

Here is Folder Guide in action on windows explorer :

FolderGuide dans l’explorateur

And here in a “save as…” dialog box :

FolderGuide dans le menu enregistrer sous

Adding a frequently used directory in Folder Guide database can be done by right-clicking on a directory and choosing “add” in the contextual menu :

Ajouter un répertoire dans folderguide

Finally I invite you to share your remarks and solutions in the comments.

More informations on Folder Guide :

Editor’s site

Download page

Author: Alexandre Philippe

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